I like Smoothies


I originally started this post with a quote from Zizek. And then I wrote about all of this stuff involving ideology and questions of universal humanity and general statements that betrayed my neoplatonic leanings. 
And all I really wanted to say was that I like smoothies. In many ways I’m the epitome of what he is against. I would make Zizek cringe. But I think most everything does. 
Me. Consuming. 
Enjoyment. Excess. My little contenting piece of surplus-jouissance. Unthinking?
Anyway, I deleted all of that in one fell swoop. Because I like smoothies.  

I just made a delicious tropical tofu smoothie. Yesterday I made a raspberry oatmeal smoothie. Tomorrow I hope to make a minty green whey smoothie. I’m always down for my original favourite, the banana cocoa peanut butter smoothie. I never knew that there were so many ways to make a smoothie. And they can be quite filling! It’s such a pleasant non-meal meal.
At least one meal a day is a smoothie for me. I hope to become somewhat of a smoothie conoisseur. I’m obsessed. 

Too much French for one blog post.
Happy smoothie-making. 


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