One Drink at a Time


I wrote the following on my first day in the UK; alone at a hotel restaurant I contemplated my surroundings…
In Europe, if you order a soft drink you only get one. No free refills. Just one drink at a time. Knowing this, it was remarkable how much slower and deliberate I was when going about eating my meal this morning.
Also, when you’re traveling everything seems so much more real and immediate. The unfamiliar excites.
More so than usual, I am so happy to be surrounded by humans. Humans from so many parts of the world. A milieu of many varied tongues. I’m sitting here, crossing Brooklyn ferry and admiring each leaf of grass. I’m strolling through book 7 of The Prelude.
In China, I guess it’s rude to finish all of your meal because it implies that the host has not given you sufficient food. Of course, in the west it’s polite to finish all your food because it implies that the Host’s meal was delicious. I’m feeling Chinese today.


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