Sonnet for a Wish


I know I should aim to keep things current, but I guess I’m feeling a bit lazy working on my academic stuff and so I’m digging up old stuff to bide my time. This is “Sonnet for a Wish” I wrote a couple of years ago.

What more amorous nips may we have known
And fingertip-warm grazes we’d have found
If for another hour that darkness shone
O darkness all-consuming and profound.

What more intoxicating breath be drawn
And your proximity so close remain
If only this phantasm survived dawn
O Sing to me indulgence, a refrain.

What quickening pulse could have o’ertaken
And made one eventide a lifetime long
If our Love the world had not forsaken
O lament our moment’s unsung song

Such moment isn’t now; ne’er to finish
Perpetually bound within a wish.


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