The Moment Before


The moment before a siren consummates her kill
Is the most sublime experience known to mankind
Submersion is only the beginning

Her eyes—a sunlight glint reflected on cresting waves
Her embrace—a warm Caribbean current, enrapt
Her kiss—the kind that extracts melodies from the depths of sunken souls
Her voice—a note of Beauty unending; a sweetest sadness; forgotten pirate songs

This ultimate disaster instantly dissolves into pearlescent glow
No suffering exists plunging into disembodied scintillation

The terror is so fleeting that they never know what’s happened
Pulled into the deep a blissful being
Finding eternity,
Lost to the world


Perfect Self-deprecation 



O thing of beauty,
You know not your beauty,
Tho’ likely ’tis better
That you remain unbeknownst

For in your obscurity,
You emanate selfless luminosity
Without afterthought
Without the pride of things.

Other things of beauty whose conceit darkens their luster.