Stories of Stability

life, poetry

When you woke up fifteen minutes early and sat down to a bowl of oatmeal and the morning paper,
noticed a chip in your favorite mug, and realized you liked it better that way
When traffic was slightly less horrible yesterday afternoon
and you saw a robin perched on the power line
When you got into bed with freshly-washed sheets,
and slept noiselessly, never getting too hot or too cold.When you laughed at the increasingly ridiculous tactics of telemarketers, and you told them how broke you were:

“Hello, is Robert there?”
“No, I think you have the wrong number”
“Oh, well maybe you can help me out; I’m calling from the fill-in-the-blank research foundation and we’re starting our annual drive…”
“I have zero monies”
End call.

When you finished all your reports and left work ten minutes early
When you listened to the silence of your still, unoccupied living room
and you found a popcorn kernel between the cushions.
When you decided that matching socks might be a good idea, and you matched them all.
When you smelled the potent, artificial meadow breeze of the fabric softener before you started that load.
When you sang along to classic disco hits on the way to your doctor’s appointment.
When you met your friend for coffee and struggled to find anything to talk about, so you both analyzed the complex body of your respective lattes.
When you took a walk around the block and waved hello to exactly three strangers.
When you watched a forty-minute eighth inning, accompanied by a cold coke.
When the ice on your windshield glinted in the morning light, and you remembered your gloves to scrape it all off.

When you finally called your sister and you took out the trash

When your parrot asked you earnestly, “Where Bu?”

And you watched her take a nap, before snoozing yourself.


I like Smoothies


I originally started this post with a quote from Zizek. And then I wrote about all of this stuff involving ideology and questions of universal humanity and general statements that betrayed my neoplatonic leanings. 
And all I really wanted to say was that I like smoothies. In many ways I’m the epitome of what he is against. I would make Zizek cringe. But I think most everything does. 
Me. Consuming. 
Enjoyment. Excess. My little contenting piece of surplus-jouissance. Unthinking?
Anyway, I deleted all of that in one fell swoop. Because I like smoothies.  

I just made a delicious tropical tofu smoothie. Yesterday I made a raspberry oatmeal smoothie. Tomorrow I hope to make a minty green whey smoothie. I’m always down for my original favourite, the banana cocoa peanut butter smoothie. I never knew that there were so many ways to make a smoothie. And they can be quite filling! It’s such a pleasant non-meal meal.
At least one meal a day is a smoothie for me. I hope to become somewhat of a smoothie conoisseur. I’m obsessed. 

Too much French for one blog post.
Happy smoothie-making.